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A Walking Safari

The Zambia wildlife destinations are basically concentrated in three distinct geographical areas: Lower Zambezi National Park on the great Zambezi River, South and North Luangwa National Parks and the Kafue National Park, each with its own distinct atmosphere and wildlife charm providing you with spectacular photographic opportunities.


Zambia is the perfect African destination to have an authentic safari experience.  It is situated on a vast central plateau, and boasts the Zambezi, Kafue and Luangwa rivers - as well as one of the largest waterfalls in the world, the Victoria Falls, which it shares with neighbouring Zimbabwe. Lusaka is the country's capital. The town of Livingstone is just ten kilometres from the adventurous Victoria Falls.

Your safari can easily be combined with the famous Victoria Falls (one of the Africa Seven Wonders) accessible from the town of Livingstone with quick access also to the Zimbabwe Victoria Falls side across the border.

Hear the roar of the thundering Victoria Falls, feel the adrenaline while white water rafting down the mighty Zambezi River.

This is Zambia, a country rich in natural beauty and wildlife but still relatively unexplored – a true gem for discerned travellers.

only uses selected private and elegant lodges and camps that are strategically located in all of the wildlife destinations.  During your safari in these breath-taking Parks you will stay in stylish camps with spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Best time to go on Safari

It’s a great country for wildlife safaris but one needs to be aware of the weather conditions at certain times of the year.  The best time to visit is during the winter months (July to end of September).  The rainy season typically starts around the end of November and lasts until March tapering off in April.  Most of the country has a mild, pleasant climate, while the river valleys are hotter and more humid; the extreme north becomes tropical on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, one of Zambia's ten large lakes.

Green Season: December to March

  • Rising of Zambezi River water levels and thus increase in volumes flowing over Victoria Falls
  • Excellent photographic opportunities … great light, colour and subject matter
  • Summer bird migrants present in breeding plumage

Transition Season: November, April to June

  • Moderate climate with a mix of the green and dry seasons including the dynamics of a change in season
  • Victoria Falls in full splendour April to June, but very low in November

Dry Season: July to October

  • Diminished water availability results in game attracted to the Zambezi River
  • Drying water sources means high game concentrations on the open Plains particularly in the second half of this period
  • Victoria Falls very full at the beginning of this period but dwindling towards the end
  • Cooler and drier time of the year with day time temperatures rising towards October

How to get there

Getting into Zambia is generally by air, with international travellers having the choice to first fly into O.R. Tambo Airport in South Africa before transferring to Zambia, or using Emirates or Ethiopian Airlines via those countries direct. There are regular flights between Johannesburg and Livingstone or Lusaka airports. Connecting to the certain camp destinations can be tricky but is generally done through scheduled ProFlight Zambia flights, otherwise by smaller charter flight companies, especially if there are links to neighbouring Malawi.

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 team, located in Africa, are  professional and passionate wildlife experts with  over 20 years  in-depth knowledge and active experience of the African bush, wildlife behaviour and safari destinations.  Our hands-on safari management will help to put you on an unforgettable journey of discovery – We shape your journey!

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