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A remote Discovery


Namibia has an intoxicating allure. It is a vast country with dramatic multi-layered folds of mountains, eerie landscapes and thousands of years old Welwitschia plants. It’s an unmissable destination, more than twice the size of California or Germany.  It holds a spectacular array of diverse attractions, ranging from picturesque highlands and the world’s largest canyons, to game parks with abundant wildlife and home to the Big 5. Along a spectacular Atlantic Ocean coast line, discover the legendary and vast desert sceneries. Learn about the remarkable indigenous people and different tribes like the Himbas and San Bushmen and take time to closely understand their unique cultures and way of existence.  

Explore Namibia

We customize your itinerary to create the most memorable safari experience for you.

Sossusvlei, “Dead Vlei“, with remarkable red sand dunes and vast open plains is a raw African oasis. The dunes of the Namib Desert were created by sand carried by the wind from the coast of Namibia.  The sand here is 5 million years old and is red in colour due to its iron oxide content. Climb Dune 45, the world’s largest and most photographed sand dune with spectacular views. Afterwards relax in pure luxury in an Oasis camp and admire the desert scenery.

Damaraland – Learn about the extreme desert adapted wildlife i.e. Desert Elephants and Lions apart from visiting unique Bushmen rock engravings, while being spoilt in a chic and elegant, yet environmentally-sustainable lodge.

Kaokoveld & Himba land – One of the world’s last wilderness areas and home to the nomadic Himba Tribe - an unique culture on the Kunene River ribbon. Worth a journey through a beautiful vast

remote area interspersed with rocky valleys, remote springs and a conservation - home to the Desert Rhino. The spectacular Epupa Falls (“Falling waters”) and Ruacana Falls in the Kunene River borders Angola.   Comfortably relax in the most remote and stylish camp in Southern Africa.

Skeleton Coast - Alternatively, discover this mystical coast line with its huge seal colonies, its stark shore sides and its ancient landscape. Learn about the remote Desert Lions and how they survive. Experience an unforgettable stay in an award-winning environmentally-friendly designed lodge. 

Namibia also has large private safari wildlife farms with lodges which can be combined either with a safari to the Fish River Canyon to the South or to the Etosha Pans to the North.  Because of Namibia’s wide expanse and long distances, some visitors prefer Guided Safari Tours, like the Sossusvlei - Swakopmund - Twyfelfontein - Etosha Safari (10 Days) or to the Fish River Canyon (7 days).

One of the toughest ultra-Marathons in the world – the beyond the ultimate’s Desert Ultra Namib Desert Marathon - is hosted each year. It’s a 250km Marathon race across a 55-million-year-old landscape. Definitely not for the fainthearted!

The best time to go on safari

December – March = Green Season

  • Summer allows the possibility of a 'green desert' with profusion of colour and life in the form of young antelope, grass and even flowers
  • Excellent photographic opportunities … great light, colour and subject matter
  • Summer bird migrants present in breeding plumage

June – October = Dry Season

  • In the north west wildlife is concentrated in the ephemeral river valleys where the remaining forage occur
  • Diminished water availability results in high game concentrations and density in Etosha
  • Cooler and drier time of the year with day time temperatures rising towards October

How to get there:

Namibia Air or South African Airline via Johannesburg, with a delay.  

Local flights & road transfers. 

Depending on your interest and available time,travel specialist will design the perfect safari itinerary and budget for you.

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 team, located in Africa, are  professional and passionate wildlife experts with  over 20 years  in-depth knowledge and active experience of the African bush, wildlife behaviour and safari destinations.  Our hands-on safari management will help to put you on an unforgettable journey of discovery – We shape your journey!

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