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A world heritage site


Botswana is a landlocked southern African country, bordering South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  It is blessed with some of Africa’s most beautiful and remote Parks and Reserves with exceptional wildlife which makes it the leading wildlife safari destination in Southern Africa.

The Central Kalahari Desert covers around three-quarters of the country while the Okavango Delta is the world’s largest inland delta and most precious wetland. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders in Africa – a mystic oasis with crystal-clear waters. During the wet or green season the delta receives all the water falling in Angola over 1000 km away. It has a huge impact on this delicate ecosystem –

feeding the wide, grassy floodplains which are host to a magnificent range of wild animals, including the specially adapted Sitatunga and Red Lechwe antelopes.

Within this vast wilderness area, exciting safari explorations can be undertaken. The Moremi Game Reserve on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta is ideal for excellent views of savannah game as well as bird-watching on the lagoons. The Linyati Reserve, just north of Savuti in a corner of the Chobe National Park, is known for its riverine forests of large Jackalberry and Sausage trees apart from open grasslands and spectacular wildlife. A documentary on lions who hunts elephants from trees has made this Reserve famous.

Apart from this breath-taking scenery and wildlife, some excellent safari lodges and tented camps will provide you with a special and authentic safari comfort which ranks amongst the most romantic and luxurious in Southern Africa. This is combined with game drives, guided walks or Mokoro rides on the water.

Further north, the beautiful Chobe National Park, which covers about 11,000 km2 holds the world's largest concentration of African elephants, as well as huge herds of buffalo and many predators, including the rare wild dogs.

Take time to discover the far-flung stretches of the Makgadikgadi saltpans, which is situated south of the Delta and the semi-desert grasslands of the Kalahari.

The Best Time to Go on Safari

With its unique habitats and intriguing locations Botswana is an ideal safari destination all year round - with great game viewing and unique activities.

The dry season draws the wildlife to congregate along the life giving waterways, and the rainy season attracts the herds to the lush new grass on the floodplains.

Green Season = December–March

  • This period is pretty wet, and stretches from December to March , even up to May
  • The temperature is perfect for warm pre-dawn starts to the day
  • Many species give birth to their young and areas like the Central Kalahari are at their wildlife viewing peak
  • The best birding season in Botswana for number of species is during the summer months when many migrants have arrived.
  • Predator sightings are frequent as they take full advantage of the abundance of inexperienced younger prey
  • Excellent photographic opportunities … great light, colour and subject matter

Transitional Season = April-May, November

The level of each year’s inundation is primarily dependent on rainfall in the catchment areas in Angola as well as over the Delta itself and there is a distinct short- and long-term cycle to the flooding patterns of the Okavango and associated river systems.

  • This phenomenon means that a huge diversity of fauna and flora thrives in April to May.
  • Also at this time, while the water-based camps continue to boast the animals and plants that have adapted to a water-based system the slow movements of the water means that land-based camp can begin to offer a mix of land and water activities.
  • Game drives on islands may happen less often, owing to higher water levels.

Dry Season = June – October

  • Diminished water availability results in high game concentrations and density
  • Peak inundation in the Okavango - perfect time for Mokoro and boating activities
  • Great visibility in leafless woodland
  • Cooler and drier time of the year with day time temperatures rising closer to October time

How to get there

South African and Botswana Airline flights from O.R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, or SAA from Cape Town, South Africa. There are few direct flights to Botswana outside southern Africa.  Local smaller Charter flights are used between concessions and camps.

Yourexpert will work with you to tailor-make the perfect safari for you.

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