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Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi River    

To many anglers the Tiger Fish (Hydrocynus vittatus - translated means “Striped Water dog”).  It is rated as one of the fastest freshwater species in the world.  Combine the speed of the fish and the ferocity with which it attacks a fly, and the rugged wild environment in which they occur and you have a first-class Tiger fishing experience.

Most sport anglers aiming at Tiger Fish head to the Zambezi River, from the upper Zambezi in the Caprivi to the lower Zambezi where it flows into Mozambique. During the right time of the year anglers can experience world class fishing. It’s a sought after destination for a Corporate escape and team building.

The Tiger Fish has a blue-silver fusiform shaped body with red & yellow pointed fins which have black trailing edges. The head is large with extremely bony cheeks and jaws. The 8 teeth per jaw are conical & extremely sharp and are used more for grasping prey than tearing bits of flesh from it. These teeth are replaced at intervals throughout the tiger fish’s life. Males and females are similar in form and colouring but males are generally smaller reaching +_ 500mm at maturity while the females are much larger reaching over 700mm at maturity. Tiger fish found in the fast flowing waters of the Upper Zambezi can reach 10kg in weight. It prefers warm, well-oxygenated water, mainly larger rivers and lakes. It is an aggressive predator that relies on other fish as its staple diet for most of its life. Breeding is thought to occur over the flood period when waters are the highest from March, April and May. Fish over 8lb’s is considered to be good fish and fish over 10lb’s as trophies. Every season fish of between 15lb and 20lb’s are landed on fly. Although Tiger Fish can be caught on fly and by spinning, trolling is the most successful method for catching them in September and October when the water is lower. 

Chewore Safari area is a National Parks concession and a World Heritage site situated in the north west of Zimbabwe. The natural boundaries of this territory are the Zambezi River in the North and the Zambezi Escarpment in the South. The flow to the Zambezi Valley flood plains is almost completely controlled by the Kariba Dam, which is approximately 200km upstream from Chewore, which has approximately 45km of Zambesi river frontage, of which about 25km is made up of the steep-sided Mapapa Gorge. With 45 km of river frontage there is ample opportunity to ensure your catch is the big one. You will be assisted by experienced fishing guides in one of the eighteen foot Voyager pontoon boats from the USA, all with their own drivers, fishing rods, tackle and fuel.  Whether you choose to spin for tigers or lure them with fresh bait, you won't be disappointed. There are plenty of other species to test your skills, from Chessa, Nkupe, Bottlenose, Cornish Jack and delicious Bream.

All fishing is on a “catch and release system”, which ensures an enormous number of fish in the river all year round.  Only very large trophy fish are allowed to be kept for mounting. A good photo or video shot of the catch and a fibre glass mount of the same size fish, (which we can arrange for you), is very acceptable to clientele.  A minimum of four people per pontoon.  Even if only two people are visiting the camp, they would be expected to share a boat with others if the camp is full.  If the camp is not full, staff will do their utmost to accommodate the clients’ needs.

Fishing clients are accommodated in a thatched fishing lodge of 8 en-suite chalets, which are situated on grassy banks of the mighty Zambezi River under towering Acacia trees.

Kindly request more detailed information and prices on this outstanding Tiger Fishing destination.

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