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Cooler Boxes

We offer an exciting range of Safari cooler boxes. Voted Best Cooler Box by a number of Outdoor Magazine testing. We, and a large number of Safari and Destination management companies daily use and live by them. We export them to the rest of Africa. They are the ideal companion for Safari and  Outdoor Enthusiasts.

There has been a huge international resurgence of interest in ancient and indigenous cultures - the First World has finally woken up to the contribution their indigenous cultures offer to society. From artwork to craftwork to lifestyles, these indigenous cultures are being celebrated and embraced by the Western World but also sadly exploited in many ways. Apart from our efforts in promoting the development of this historically disadvantaged sales and effective promotion showcasing the uniqueness of our indigenous and diverse cultural heritage products would be able to uplift this industry to its rightful place in our society. To assist in promoting arts and crafts, Denonanje Safaris has handpicked a selection of innovative indigenous South African arts and crafts for the corporate and the individual gift market. Your support in buying these as gifts for yourself or for clients will actively promote South Africa's unique arts and crafts thereby assisting in showcasing our diverse cultural heritage.

The Denonanje range of arts and crafts for corporate and individual gifts, are not curios. They are carefully selected collector pieces depicting our indigenous and diverse cultural and wildlife and have been handcrafted mostly by women in rural areas, often assisted in design by devoted aid-to-artisan specialists.

The handcrafted pieces are packaged in gift boxes to be presented to:

  • Business contacts abroad of for general export
  • VIP visitors to South Africa
  • Game lodges
  • Friends and family abroad and
  • Yourself as a souvenir of Africa

For more information, kindly request our Denonanje Safaris’ brochure

About Us

 team, located in Africa, are  professional and passionate wildlife experts with  over 20 years  in-depth knowledge and active experience of the African bush, wildlife behaviour and safari destinations.  Our hands-on safari management will help to put you on an unforgettable journey of discovery – We shape your journey!

Contact Us

P O Box 75382
Lynnwood Ridge
Pretoria, 0040, RSA
TEL: +27 (0)12-365-3021
MOB: +27(0)63-873 -1654
E-mail: office@denonanje.com