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The Thrill of a 4x4 Safaris


4x4 Safaris provide you with a break from civilization and come in different forms. A self-drive safari where you rent a fully kitted 4x4 safari vehicle and go on a flexible itinerary camping and cooking for yourself, or,  enjoying a 4x4 planned safari with the luxury of an experienced 4x4 driver and wildlife guide and cook. In both cases the vehicle comes fully kitted and customised for the safari with a 24/7 breakdown support. And for those that live closely to their purse, it’s an absolutely affordable and ideal safari especially for a group of people knowing each other.

A self - drive safari has the benefit of being in control of where you want to drive and camp and even the lodges you may choose to overnight and is substantially cheaper than a 4x4 guided safari. Our experience, being experts in both over many years, is that if you don’t have on - hand experience in 4x4 bush driving, vehicle recovery and how to negotiate difficult off-road terrain, its best for your nerves and the happiness of your companions to rather go for a relaxing 4x4 guided safari with safari cooks and an expert driver and wildlife guide who are confident with the terrain and know the wildlife. You just sit back and enjoy this special safari experience.  The following thus provides you with a guide on experiencing a 4x4 guided safari with camping in dome tented camps with your meals prepared by experienced safari cooks.

We suggest two particular destinations that lend themselves for a 10 day 4x4 safari, i.e.  Northern Tanzania and Namibia. We have often done 4x4 safaris in Botswana but the reality is that, apart from being unable to cross certain rivers  and swamps, you just won’t be allowed or able to access the large more private wildlife concessions with their own lodges and vehicles and the private camping places.

The Northern Wildlife Circuit in Tanzania – covering the Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks, Ngorongoro Crater Area and the Serengeti National Park - is ideally suited for a 4x4 guided safari. Your camping safari adventure will take you into the East African wilderness starting from arriving in Arusha by air via Dar es Salaam. You will travel on rough adventurous routes, pass tiny rural settlements and soak up the fascinating landscapes and wildlife en route.

A self-drive safari has the benefit of being in control of where you want to drive and camp and even the lodges you may choose to overnight and is substantially cheaper than a 4x4 guided safari.


Overnighting in a dome tent brings you closer to nature and compensates for the luxury of a lodge. Camping will be for a minimum of two nights at a site that will be either in unfenced public campsites in the Parks or private campsites on the outskirts. All meals will be prepared by a skilled safari cook – including your packed picnic lunch. Early morning breakfast with sausages and eggs, coffee and bread and a delicious evening 3 course dinner by the fire. You just sit back and enjoy the safari. Arriving at your camp after an adventurous day of game viewing, you will be welcomed by your camp crew who has already set up camp for you with tents pitched, beds made and furniture set out while your chef will be busy in the kitchen preparing for dinner.


Contact us for more information on an exciting  4x4 safari destination itinerary, whether in Tanzania,  Namibia or  a combined Namibia – northern Botswana safari.


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 team, located in Africa, are  professional and passionate wildlife experts with  over 20 years  in-depth knowledge and active experience of the African bush, wildlife behaviour and safari destinations.  Our hands-on safari management will help to put you on an unforgettable journey of discovery – We shape your journey!

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